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29B Teahouse

Address: 29 Ave B NY, NY 10009

Phone: 646.864.0093

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thurs 11AM - 11PM
Fri-Sat 11AM - Midnight  
Sun 12-6
29b is our vision of an innovative, modern teahouse and an expression of our deep appreciation and understanding of the cultivation and serving of tea. Separated into two areas 29b has both a tasting room and retail section. The tasting room is the focus of the space and is one of the only dining spaces in the world that allows one to try the finest teas from Japan, Korea, India, China and Taiwan all in a single sitting via a tasting menu or ordered individually. Rare teas covering a variety of tastes from new vintage and decade old aged Chinese puerhs, charcoal roasted Taiwanese oolongs, to the rare Korean black tea balhyo, to the highest grade shousui matcha, all are available for sampling. Small plates are also served as a part of the experience and compliment specific tea verticals and genres. Closer in style to a Tokyo teabar than a cafe, tea enthusiasts and newcomers will discover esoteric teas as well as novel ways to serve and prepare tea. Also available is a small selection of sake and biodynamic wine to pair with tea at night. The retail section carries a selection of hand made Japanese and Korean ceramics, premium Japanese glassware and tea to take home. Most, but not all, of the teas that are available for tasting can be purchased for home consumption in loose leaf. 29b is also an exclusive American partner for the premium Japanese glassware company Sugahara and carries their hard to find glass serving ware. Ceramicists from Korea and Japan also carry wares exclusively through 29b, so anything a person would need for the preparation, storage and serving of tea is available. 29b features educational classes on the history, preparation and appreciation of tea for those who wish to enrich their tea lifestyle. There is also a monthly Chef series that focuses on innovative Chefs that are interested in healthy, ultra seasonal dishes and creative ways of using tea in food.

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