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Korea: Organic Sejak Green Tea 세작대

Korea: Organic Sejak Green Tea 세작대

$ 38.00

2019 Organic Sejak Green Tea 세작대. Grown in the Jiri mountains in a bamboo grove and processed by an organic certified farm (JAS, USDA, EU) that has been naturally cultivating traditional Korean organic teas for decades.  This green tea is unique in taste and very vibrant in aroma due to being pan fired by hand over a nine step process.


Hadong, Korea

Flavor Profile:

Slight sweet taste, with the first steeping having a delicious nutty baked taste and being the most aromatic. The progressive steepings will be more floral and slowly revealing more of its green essence.


10 x 5g for 50g

Net weight:

50g (1.8oz)

Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 190F (88C)

Steep time 30s

Resteep 3-4 times

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