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Tokoname Shudei Shiboridashi

Tokoname Shudei Shiboridashi

$ 240.00

Fugetsu Murakoshi (b. 1950) is a master of the Tokoname style kyusu.  He studied under the NLT Yamada Jozan III and has established his own sense of style but his consistency in his technical skills, quality of materials used, and form have helped to elevate the art of the teapot.  We have had the pleasure to present his fine pieces for almost eight years.  He is the recipient of many awards and is ranked among the best.   

Fugetsu uses only real Tokoname clay which is rich in iron and is naturally red. The Shudei red style kyusu derives from the Yixing style used in China, however Tokoname pots have much thinner walls and are less then half the weight.  They are instruments of precision and require a very high level of technical skill to produce.  Some of them can be stood up on the handle as a show of perfect balance.  The lid, spout, handle, and strainer are all made separately.  

The shiboridashi is a flat gaiwan with a spout.  It is a bit easier to use and is perfect for high quality green teas especially gyokuro, kabuse, and sencha.  The lid fits perfectly with the body and it is a pleasure to hold.  There is an amazing juxtaposition between the strong character of the shape and the delicateness and intricacy of its details.



Made in Tokoname, Japan (Aichi)


No box available


Height x Width including spout and handle : Body diameter

6.5cm x 11cm : 3.5cm

75ml capacity

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