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Tanba Shell Katakuchi Sake Set 3pc

Tanba Shell Katakuchi Sake Set 3pc

$ 150.00

Masafumi Onishi

Green, drip glaze, shell imprint spoutless pouring vessel with a natural flowing bidoro glass pool and two flat cups. Traditionally, sea shells are used to prop up the ceramics at a certain angle for the glaze to naturally flow down.  After firing the imprint of the shell is left for a decorative effect. The cups have two different tints of green and have pools of crackled glass in them.  This set is best used when the person being poured holds the cup up to the person pouring from the spoutless katakuchi.


Made in Tanba, Japan (Hyogo)


No box available


Katakuchi: 10 x 6 x 8.5cm (4cm base) Cups: 8 x 8 x 3cm

Liquid Capacity:

Katakuchi: 150cc (5oz)  Cups: 80cc (2.7oz)


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