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Porcelain Lotus Teapot B

Porcelain Lotus Teapot B

$ 350.00

These pieces are wood fired without an encasing to create beautiful variations, textures, and natural warping of the shape from exposure to the open flames.  This doesn't come without a sacrifice as a third of the work is lost in the process.  Each piece is intricately carved and perfectly thrown.  The weight of the details is balanced by the incredible thin walls and light weight.  Each piece is a pleasure to hold in the hand and the body will change color and develop a beautiful petina over time.  

Teapots are glazed on the inside to keep from absorbing other tastes.  This is a perfect pot for brewing oolongs and puerh.  


Arita, Japan


No box available


Height x Width including spout and handle : Body diameter

ml capacity

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