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Japan: Ureshino No Kodawari Tea Gift Set

Japan: Ureshino No Kodawari Tea Gift Set

$ 65.00

Ureshino no Kodawari tea set

Collection of three different cultivars processed to the leaf type's characteristic by a young artisan who has been winning competitions and awards for the excellence of his teas.  This set is a perfect representation of the vertical tastings that we do every week at the tea shop.  If you have never been to our tasting then this is a chance to have the experience for yourself or as a gift to someone else!

100% Saemidori deep steamed 60s
100% Asatsuyu deep steamed 70s
100% Okuyutaka deep steamed 80s 


Ureshino, Japan (Saga Prefecture)

Net Weight:

50g x 3 selections


10 x 5g for each selection

Brewing Recommendation:

5g per 180ml (6oz) of water at 80ºC (176ºF) for about 60s.  Resteep 1-2 more times


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