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China: Rougui Handmade Special Grade

China: Rougui Handmade Special Grade

$ 120.00

Zheng Yan Shou Gong Rougui Teji  / Wuyi Cliff Hand made Rougui Special Grade 2018

正岩 手工肉桂特级

From the same master that produced last year's Da Hong Pao, comes one of his finest oolong creations! The Rougui cultivar is highly regarded for the explosion of flavor it has in a single sip.  It is incredible layered and it's complexity is profound. This was picked in the spring of 2018 from 40 year old trees using only the 3rd and 4th leaves of the branch and fired three times over a course of four months to balance the flavor and aroma.  Oxidized in the sun, rolled by hand, and in baskets over charcoals the traditional way.  Extremely limited!!



Wuyi, China

Flavor Profile:

Notes of red rose that turn into the nectar of a sweet peach and give way to a sharp minerality on the tongue.  One of the absolute best!


4 x 6g 

Net weight:


Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 185F (85C)

Steep time 60s

Resteep 4-5 times

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