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Cast Iron Japanese Water Kettle B

Cast Iron Japanese Water Kettle B

$ 450.00

Nanbu Testsubin Utsushi

Masterful reproduction of a Ryubundo style kettle.  This cast iron water kettle is not enameled and meant only for the boiling of water.  Iron helps soften the taste of water while providing even heating and an excellent conductor.  Perfect for tea that needs plenty of heat, especially puerh.  Can be placed directly over fire.  The amazing detailed multi part copper lid knob and handle do not get as hot as solid iron ones.  


Made in Japan


No box available, do not leave water sitting in an unused kettle.  Always allow to dry with the lid off. Before first time use, boil water three or four times.  


Height including handle x Width including spout : Body diameter

22cm x 17.5cm : Body 14cm

1100ml (cc) capacity

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