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Bamboo Flower Vase Zungiri Large A -Tanimura Tango

Bamboo Flower Vase Zungiri Large A -Tanimura Tango

$ 120.00

A rustic repurposed smoked (susudake) bamboo flower vase, handcrafted by the 20th generation Tanimura Tango.  The flat cut top is referred to as zungiri and it has a hole in the back for hanging.  Red lacquer signature on back.



Made in Ikoma, Japan (Nara)


Bamboo flower vases are not made to hold flowers for a prolonged amount of time.  The inner container is natural bamboo and should hold water for only half a day.  Each night the container should be emptied and allowed to fully dry before its next use.  This will keep the bamboo from splitting and developing mold. 

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