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India: Nahorabi Assam 2016

India: Nahorabi Assam 2016

$ 18.00

Nahorabi Single Estate Assam GTGFOP O685.

The Nahor Habi tea estate is one of the oldest in Assam and the first to receive ISO 9002 certificate for growing, processing, and marketing of Orthodox and CTC tea. The garden management is committed to protecting the environment and uplifting ecological balance of the area. One side of the garden is covered by dense forest. Garden management also carries out regular plantation of trees in the fallow areas of the garden. This tea has long golden tips amidst a contrast of dark leafs. Stylish, bright with lots of bloom.


Assam, India

Flavor Profile:

Light, vibrant notes of caramel and musk, with a fresh green finish.


16 x 5g

Net weight:



Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 195F (90C)

Steep time 60s or less to drink neat, 90-120s with milk

Resteep 2-3 times

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