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India: Meleng Assam

India: Meleng Assam

$ 14.00

Meleng Single Estate Assam STGFOP1 O949 summer 2016

Refined everyday assam that sets the bar for all other breakfast teas.  The Estate is one of the oldest Tea Plantation of Assam with variety of clonal material and seed jat, which make it’s tea exotic and full of quality. Some of the best orthodox clones like P-126’s origin can be traced back to Meleng tea estate which can still boast of monumental plantation area of 20 hectares. which is 110 yrs old and still thriving.

A pure English Breakfast!  This sole assam has the depth and character to wholly embody what a traditional English Breakfast tea is blended to be.  Strong, bold, aromatic, tannic, and amazing with or without milk!  


Assam, India

Flavor Profile:

Smooth, well balanced, with all the characteristics of a great assam.


16 x 5g

Net weight:


Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 195F (90C)

Steep time 60s or less to drink neat, 90-120s with milk

Resteep 2-3 times

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