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China: Organic Gongmei 2019

China: Organic Gongmei 2019

$ 30.00

Organic Gongmei 2019

Traditional whithered white tea using the third and fourth leaves.  This grade falls between Bai Mu Dan and Shoumei.  It has an elegant robust taste which comes from the cultivar that is a hybrid of Tie Guan Yin and Huang Dan.  This new season tea is full of spring energy and has a sweet elegant taste. 


Fujian, China


Jin Mu Dan 

Flavor Profile:

Fresh bamboo, sugar cane


10 x 5g

Net weight:


Brewing Recommendation:

6g loose tea leaves

120ml (4oz)

Water temperature 185F (85C)

Steep time less than 30s

Resteep 4-5 times

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