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Korea: Organic Hwahoo Green Tea 화후

Korea: Organic Hwahoo Green Tea 화후

$ 60.00

Organic Hwahoo Green Tea 2019


One of the finest and rarest representations of Korean green tea available and reserved for gift giving or offerings. Picked before April 5th, and less than 2kg available per year.  We were very lucky to have chosen this tea this year since the harvest is exceptional.  There was very little rain in early spring and it significantly decreased the total harvest yield but increased the quality.  

Grown in the Jiri mountains in a bamboo grove and processed by an organic certified farm (JAS, USDA, EU) that has been naturally cultivating traditional Korean organic teas for decades.  This green tea is unique in taste and very vibrant in aroma due to being traditionally pan fired.


Hadong, Korea

Flavor Profile:

Hints of white flowers, delicate, intense sweetness, slightly savory


4 x 5g for 20g

Net weight:

20g (0.7oz)

Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 190F (88C)

Steep time 30s

Resteep 3-4 times

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