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Japan: Gyokuro High Grade

Japan: Gyokuro High Grade

$ 40.00

The region of Yame has won the Gyokuro competition for more than ten years straight.  The level of umami, from the natural terroir and climate plus the extraordinary producing talent makes their tea unsurpassed.  There is no greater moment then when you open the bag and you are hit with an intense aroma of deep green sweetness.  Processed in July of 2019. 


Yame, Japan


Blend of Saemidori, Yabukita, and Okumidori

Flavor Profile:

Sweet, buttery aroma with a green grass freshness


2 x 5g

Net weight:


Brewing Recommendation:

10g loose tea leaves

10ml (4oz)

Water temperature 150F (65C)

Steep time


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