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China: 45 Years of Tie Guan Yin Classic Boxed Set

China: 45 Years of Tie Guan Yin Classic Boxed Set

$ 285.00

Tie Guan Yin Classic 铁观音 2019, 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2008

This set includes six vintages that are all from the same farm and expresses the beauty and complexity of what skillful roasting and the test of time can achieve.  This is one of the finest collection of oolongs that we have ever offered and the individual vintages will not be offered outside of the boxed set.

Tie Guan Yin or Iron Buddha of Mercy is arguably one of the most famous teas in China.  The name is given to the tea which is an oolong and the cultivar that it is made from.  This oolong hails from the original birthplace in Anxi and is from the town of Jian Dou.  We have spent the last two years searching for a farmer that still makes TGY oolong the traditional way without the use of pesticides, machines, and medium oxidation.  Classic TGY is richer in taste and fragrance and has a different appearance than machine rolled oolong. Less than 30kg are produced each year.  

Handmade production starts with sun withering, cooling and shaking with baskets in a ventilated room, fixing over an iron pan heated by wood fire, rolling using a a manual wood press, shaping in a cloth bag using body weight, and finally dried in baskets over charcoals at low heat for about 36hrs.  This method of making tea is hard work, especially for the elderly farmers.  The taste is elegant and deep and it is said to make even the simplest act of breathing enjoyable.  



Anxi, China


Yu Guan Yin 

Flavor Profile:

Delicate roasted taste and aroma, caramel, floral 


4 x 5g per vintage

Net weight:

20g x 6 vintages

Brewing Recommendation:

6g loose tea leaves

120ml (4oz)

Water temperature 190F (88C)

Steep time less than 30s

Resteep 4 - 5 times

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