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Japan: Ureshino No Kodawari Tea Set

Japan: Ureshino No Kodawari Tea Set

$ 45.00

Ureshino no Kodawari Tea Set / Online Only

Kodawari is Japanese for specialization.  It refers to the practice of doing something repetitively until you master it and transcend the craft.  In Ureshino, they specialize in making Tamaryokucha and Kamairi style green teas.  Kamairi used pan heating and no steaming, where as Tamaryokucha is both steamed and baked.  This process takes out some of the vegetal taste and imparts another layer of taste.  It also allows for slightly higher water temperature to be used that brings out more of the delicious astringency and aroma of tea.  This is a perfect gift and an amazing reference for thos getting into the world of Japanese green tea.  These teas are grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides!  

For a limited time we will offer:

Saemidori Kamairi, Okuyutaka Tamaryokucha, and Tsuyu Hikari Tamaryokucha


Ureshino, Japan (Saga Prefecture)

Net Weight:

25g x 3 selections


5 x 5g for each selection

Brewing Recommendation:

5g per 180ml (6oz) of water at 88ºC (190ºF) for about 60s.  Resteep 2-3 times reducing the time by 30s each time. 


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