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Japan: Treasures of Nara Gift Set

Japan: Treasures of Nara Gift Set

$ 70.00

Complete collection of our ninth generation producer from the ancient capital of Nara, Japan.  

Kabuse is a fifteen day shaded Kabuse that is processed as futsumushi sencha from the oldest trees on the farm, which are only picked once per year.  

Karigane is the course leaves and stems that are separated during the production of the second and third grade Kabuse sencha. This is a luxurious version of a simple "farmer's tea."  

Houjicha is created by roasting Karigane.  This is not your ordinary Houjicha!  By using shaded tea, it gives it an amazing smell and sweet taste.  It can be brewed lightly or as very dark without any bitterness.


Nara, Japan


80g Karigane & Kabuse

40g Hojicha


5g for each selection

Brewing Instructions:

5g per 180ml (6oz) of water at 80ºC (176ºF) for about 60s.  Resteep 1-2 more times


Kabuse / Karigane / Houjicha

100% Yabukita


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