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China: Organic Jasmine Green Tea

China: Organic Jasmine Green Tea

$ 40.00

Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Made with one leaf and one bud and infused with only the finest Jasmine flowers.  We have been working very hard to bring tea of this caliber out of China!  This tea is scented with the Jasmine aroma by first picking the highest quality tea and sun drying it. Then fresh Jasmine flowers are layered on top the tea.  Jasmine blooms at night and the scent is infused into the tea.  The next morning the flowers are removed by hand and the processed is repeated four to five times.  The taste of Jasmine will linger on the breath long after the tea has been drunk!     


Fujian, China

Flavor Profile:

Fresh green, sophisticated floral aroma and taste


16 x 3g 

Net weight:


Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 185F (85C)

Steep time 60s

Resteep 4-5 times

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