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China: Tai Yang Sundried Hong Cha

China: Tai Yang Sundried Hong Cha

$ 30.00

Tai Yang Sundried Hong Cha / Strange Vermillion Big Red Robe


A cultivar created in Wuyi, cultivated and processed in Menghai at 1000m above sea level using traditional sun drying techniques.  The dry leaves are not as aromatic as conventional processed tea when first smelled instead they have locked away a very deep taste that is unique to tea made in this way.   


Menghai, China

Flavor Profile:

Slight tannic, dry, with notes of cherry and floral in the back.  Well balanced!


8 x 6g 

Net weight:


Brewing Recommendation:

5g loose tea leaves

180ml (6oz)

Water temperature 185F (85C)

Steep time 60s

Resteep 4-5 times

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