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Japan: Shouraku Matcha

Japan: Shouraku Matcha

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The poetic name of this matcha means "pure sound" and it describes the simplicity and enjoyment of the taste of this matcha. It is not supposed to be intrusive but just pleasantly fill your palate with a pleasant taste.  The same as a piano's delicate sound resonates through the room.   

Usucha Grade Matcha that is stone ground and grown by farmers in Kyotonabe, Yawata City, Jouyou, and Wazuka in Kyoto and shaded for about 3 weeks.  It is not as sweet as our koicha grades but has a beautiful aroma and a refreshing bitterness.  

All of our matcha selections are of the highest quality.  The only difference you will find are the types of tea tree cultivars that are used.  The use of different cultivars gives each matcha its own character and taste.  Certain cultivars are more expensive due to the small amount of harvest and the skills needed to masterfully grow and process them.  

Matcha is not just a simple tea to us.  It is part of our everyday health regimen and our tea practice.  We are long time practitioners of Chanoyu through the Urasenke school and have dedicated our lives to the art of tea..  Our goal is to offer the purest taste, without compromising quality and at a reasonable price.  



Uji, Japan


Samidori, Okumidori, Yabukita

Flavor Profile:

Extremely smooth with no trace of bitterness and easy to drink as thick or thin tea.


15 x 2g for thin tea (usucha)  or 5 x 6g for thick tea (koicha)

Net weight:

30g (1.06oz)

Brewing Recommendation:

Water temperature

Steep time


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