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Tea Dealers Summer News

No tea tastings this month.  We are working hard to bring you some amazing tastings and events for September!  Please check out our new selections of matcha and teapots below.  Click the images to be directed to our website for detailed information and purchase. Thank you for your continued support and have a safe summer! 

Mucho Matcha Macho!

After seven years, we have decided to change our matcha selection to continue to bring you higher quality at competitive prices.  They are still from the region of Uji, Japan and the three grades are all unique in sweetness, refreshing bitterness, and smell.  Stone ground, ceremonial grade tea made from the highest quality tea trees. All of them can be made into either thick or thin tea. 

Sokuchouzan - 息長山 - $30 – 30g Can (Deep breath mountain) is sweet and very easy to drink. Its made of 100% Samidori cultivar.  It is extremely rare to find a single cultivar matcha at this price point!  

Genou - 玄奥 - $40 – 30g Can (profound heart) is a matcha that departs from being just sweet.  It is blended to have a depth of taste that includes a refreshing bitterness, medium body, floral after taste, with an exquisite nose of chocolate.  

Shousui - 松翆 - $50 – 30g Can (pine green) When made into thick tea, the color resembles that of pine needles.  It is a deep blueish green.  This matcha has been perfectly blended for its aroma, color, texture, and resonance in taste.  The only matchas that compare to this in America are double the price!!  

Tea Dealers MatchaTea Dealers Matcha

Tea Dealers UsuchaTea Dealers Koicha

Tea Dealers Custom Teapots from Iga

In May, we visited an amazing potter in Iga, Japan, that helped us realize our goal to create teapots for our brand.  We have always found that many teapots were either too small or too big. Sometimes the aesthetics were beautiful but not very functional.  So we set out to create tea pots that can be used for any tea, since they are glazed on the inside and are perfectly sized.  The aesthetic is clean and minimal (muji) and will develop a beautiful patina over time.  These are made for regular use and are sturdier than they appear!  These are not made by an artist but by a professional potter.  The difference lies in the balance and structure of the spout, handles, and fit of the lids.  They pour perfectly and the built in strainers are made from the same body of the teapot.  Please click on the images to follow the detailed information on our website.  

Iga Striped Dobin with Brass and Vine HandleIga Muji Maru Dobin with Vine Handle

Iga Muji Maru KyusuIga Seiji Celadon Kyusu

Iga Matted Black KyusuIga Tea Dealers Kyusu Collection

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