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First Tea Paring Dinner at 29b Teahouse

We want to thank everyone who attended our first 29B Teahouse dinner event: TDxTD. The collaboration between Chef Travis Dorsey and Tea Dealers was a wonderful celebration of the interplay between plant-based cuisine and tea. The entire teahouse was turned into an integrated kitchen/dining room that allowed the guests to see the preparation of the dinner and the tea so they could truly understand the pairing.  From observing the creation of a tika masala vegetarian "meatball" to the cutting and steeping of aged puerh we endeavored to convey how the complexity and depth of tea is the perfect compliment of a well-made, innovative dish. We hope our guests enjoyed the pairing as much as we enjoyed serving it.  Future events are planned for the beginning of 2018 so please check our newsletter and site for future announcements!

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