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Family-style dinner with Sunny Lee & Counter Service at 29B Teahouse

Come join Sunny Lee & Counter Service at 29B Teahouse for a family-style, banchan packed, large-format wine and tea dinner moment!

The Tea Dealers's gorgeous and serene new space 29B Teahouse sets the stage as Sunny Lee -- of Blue Hill, Insa, Eleven Madison Park -- puts together an incredible menu inspired by Counter Service's 13th and 14th issues, Family Style and Comfort.Beverages curated by Gabriela Acero & Stefen Ramirez, ranging from sparkling tea to wine and cider, are also geared toward that family-style vibe (see: large format, easy drinking, and delcious).

Come grab a glass, and a bowl, and hang with us on Sunday or Monday night.

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