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Spring is here!

Its been an easy winter here in Brooklyn.  Not too much snow and only a few days of freezing cold.  We have been really busy tasting new teas to add to the list and planning for our next buying trip in Japan.  We are excited about the new wares that we will have available in June.  

If you haven't been to the store recently, there are new Japanese green teas from Nara on the website.  They have replaced the previous ones from Uji, because we felt they were a much higher grade.  

Nara Tea Collection

We have also just starting working with the wonderful team at Shuya Cafe De Ramen.  This is a new healthy ramen cafe opened by one of the very talented sushi chefs of 1 OR 8 in Williamsburg.  Please visit them and drink our tea!

Shuya Cafe De Ramen on Yelp

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