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Atelier TD x Sannganyc


Tuesday, 17 November 

6-9pm (Open tasting come anytime)

66 South 2 St., Brooklyn, NY  11249

Sannga Gallery has generously lent out some of their amazing ceramics and we will be using them for the tasting.  They will be available for purchase for a limited time.  Please come in or email us ( to reserve any of them.  

The origin of the teapot comes from its use as water jars and wine containers.  The use of these modern objects and their properties can be adapted to any of your pleasures!  Using a clay pitcher for only Pinot Noir wine will embue the smell and tannins into the vessel add to the flavor of the wine over time.  Clay is a great conducter and has the ability to stay cool.  The spout of the teapots will help aerate the liquid as it is poured.  We hope you will join us to see, feel, and taste our offerings tomorrow!!

All pieces are sold individually.  It is encouraged to mix your selections to add variety to the collections and let your guests choose their personal preference.  Please emails us if you have questions about specific items.  



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