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Oct 2 & 4 - Tisanes Oct 16 & 18 - Sencha

October Tea Tasting Schedule

October 2 & 4: Tisanes - A naturally caffeine free world without compromising taste
October 9 & 11: Puerh - Private Reserve Tasting RSVP Required
October 16 & 18: Sencha - Art of Steaming
October 23 & 25: Matcha - Beginner's Workshop RSVP Required
October 30 & November 1: Black Tea - Assam vs Darjeeling vs China vs Korea vs Taiwan

Sundays 5pm - 8pm 
Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm

Fun, Informal, Bring a Friend, Free (unless RSVP Required)

@ 1 OR 8 Brooklyn
66 S. 2nd St @ Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11249
White Lotus - Tea Dealers

Oct 2 & 4
Tisanes - A naturally caffeine free world without compromising taste.
For those who missed it last time, this is another opportunity to discover some amazingly delicious and unique tisanes.  This is what you should be drinking late in the evening or when coming down with a cold.  You will enjoy every moment of it!

Puerh - Tea Dealers
Oct 9 & 11
Puerh - Private Tasting RSVP Required  
Puerh is one of the most complicated types of teas in the world and is shrouded with mystery, fairy tales, and fakes.  We will be sharing two cakes commissioned by a collector and from his private reserve.  Join us for a very long introduction into many consecutive steepings!  $40 per person, email us to reserve a spot.  Space is limited to 6.

Sencha - Tea Dealers
Oct 16 & 18
Sencha - Art of Steaming
Sencha is a type of Japanese green tea which is steamed.  It is a process that is unique to Japan, since China, Korea, and Taiwan mostly pan fire.  It is the reason why sencha smells and tastes so green and vegetal.  However, there are minute differences in the steaming length.  We will be tasting three different varietals processed with three different steaming times.  Limited Edition "The Art of Steaming" set will be available for purchase.

Tea Dealers Matcha Workshop
Oct 23 & 25
Matcha - Tea Dealers Matcha Workshop
After the amazing turnout last month we wanted to offer this class again for those who couldn't make it the first time.  We will be presenting a unique perspective on this traditional tea and demonstrate how to whip up the perfect bowl!  Please purchase tickets through Eventbrite.

Black Tea - Tea Dealers
Oct 30 & Nov 1
Black Tea  - Assam vs Darjeeling vs China vs Korea vs Taiwan
Not all black tea is created equal.  Far from it!  The spectrum of taste is extremely wide and discovering your perfect brew is half the fun.  Come learn about the differences a cuppa tea can offer and never drink the same old morning tea again!  

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