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August Tea Tasting Schedule

Thursdays 6-8pm in the back area "Rest Stop" of the Canal Street Market

August 10 - Tisanes from Korea (Tasting will be next to our booth, front of the market)
August 17 - Assam 
August 24 - Tea Types by Oxidation 
August 31 - No Tasting 

Canal St Market
265 Canal St between Broadway and Lafayette
NY, NY  10013

Hours of operation:
Mon - Wed 11-7
Thurs - Sat 11-8
Sun 11-6

August 10 - Tisanes from Korea 
When I first encountered these herbals I was shocked to smell and taste their complex tasting structures.  I knew that they were unlike anything I had experienced before.  They had been dried and processed using tea making techniques.  I had to repeatedly remind myself that I was drinking tea without caffeine.  Come and enjoy this wonderful evening of flavorful and naturally caffeine free tisane!

August 17 - Assam
I have long been a supporter of Assam teas because they are unfairly represented in the market.  Majority of it gets throw into a low grade English Breakfast blend or made into ready to drink tea with tons of sugar.  There is a grade of this tea that is still artisanally crafted and represents the beauty and sophistication of the indigenous assam varietal.  No matter how you enjoy it (iced, neat, or with milk), it is a marvelous tea that is as full bodied as any red wine!  

August 24 - Tea Types by Oxidation
This tasting is for all tea experience levels!  I will be doing a vertical tasting of tea types by the percentage of oxidation.  This is a great step in understanding the significant effect of oxidation on taste and how to identify the difference between heavy roasting and high oxidation. 

August 31 - No Tasting 
See you in September!  

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